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We provide professional interior & exterior painting services in Auckland City that meet your needs. Top choice for residential and commercial painting in Auckland, our master interior and exterior house painters in Auckland work to the highest standards and deliver exceptional residential house painting. Our expert house painters with over 15+ years of experience can get it right whatever your reason for painting. You can expect the highest level of house paint service at any time.

We at AKL Painting Specialists offer bespoke commercial and residential painting services by our best house painters that match your taste and budget. Our professional house painters in Auckland work closely with the housebuilders, architects and renovators on small and large scale projects. No job is too small or big for us. We cater to all projects with the same dedication and zeal, which shows in our work. From the initial start to completion of the entire house, we keep you updated with the progress and are ready to make changes in the painting service wherever applicable. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we go above and beyond to achieve this through our house painting projects.

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Is the paint from your walls starting to peel off? Have the walls lost their shine and colour? If so, you need quality paint service for your entire house in Auckland city. Crevices, dampness and holes in the walls make your home look dull. No matter how much you have invested in decor, a home with colour-faded walls creates a boring ambience. So, it’s high time to paint the home and bring it to life with bright colours. We at AKL Painting Specialists offer bespoke commercial and residential painting services that match your taste and budget. Our house painters in Auckland work closely with the housebuilders, architects and renovators on small and large scale projects. We have interior house painters and exterior house painters on board for the house painting project to be perfect. They use the best quality paint and accessories for the job. No job is too small or big for us house painters in Auckland. We are professional house painters, and we cater to all projects with the same dedication and zeal, which shows in our work. Right from the initial start to completion, we keep you updated with the progress and are ready to make changes wherever applicable. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we go above and beyond to achieve this. So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your space and wow your guests with shiny walls that perfectly suit your architecture style. Call our North Shore Auckland painters now!

Leading Residential & Commercial Painting Company in Auckland

House painting is just not about coating the walls with colours; house painting involves specialised techniques and methods of paint application. A naive painter lacks the skills and expertise required for a quality finish. They use more paint which creates a thick layer on the wall. The paint, therefore, cannot bind to the pores and starts to peel. Hiring a naive painter is about wasting your time and money and damaging the walls. AKL Painting Specialists is one of the top companies in Auckland trusted by households and businesses for quality services. For over 15 years, we have carried out hundreds of painting projects and always come to our customers’ expectations. Why? Because we listen to your requirements before starting the project and create a strategic plan that meets your requirements. Our painters carry out all the work to the highest standards by utilising premium quality paints and high-tech tools that are sure to give your walls an even and smooth finish. Plus, with us, you get the assurance of on-time completion of the painting project, and in some cases, before the deadline.

Exterior & Interior Painting Services in Auckland

Every home is different. Some spark an energetic vibe, while others make you feel serene and at peace. It all depends upon how you have styled your home. The decor, the architecture, paint colours, everything plays its role in creating the overall appearance of the space. Our painters at AKL understand the significance of colours in the home and thus help you choose the right ones that match your style and taste. Whether selecting the colour for the accent wall or the overall space, we can help you refresh your interiors with our bespoke interior house painting services. From subtle floral designs and mosaic patterns to exquisite patterns, whatever you wish for, we can paint the walls exactly the way you want. Plus, we have specialist Auckland house painters who have immense experience in exterior painting. We understand that exterior walls face tough weather conditions like heat, water and strong winds, which damage the paint. We focus on surface preparation to reduce the extent of paint damage and keep the paint attached all year long. We do everything that strongly binds the paint to wall pores and keeps your home shining like new, from thoroughly removing the old paint to filling gaps.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your House Painting Needs

AKL Painting Specialists is here to help households keep their property safe and shiny by providing comprehensive house painting. And that is one of the many reasons we are the premier choice among Auckland homes. We Auckland house painters are preferred because:

Highly Experienced: At AKL, we have a skilled team of painters with over 15+ years of experience in the painting industry. So, you can be assured that we have the knowledge and skills to carry out a perfect painting job.

Mess-free Painting Job: We understand how challenging it can be to clean spilt paints. So, we use high-tech tools that ensure optimal utilisation of paints with the minimum spill. Our experts also clean the area after the job is complete to resume your work quickly.

Painting Guarantee: Our painters use only quality paints from recognised brands that offer a warranty on their products, which means your walls remain smooth and shiny after years. Plus, we offer a 5-year craft guarantee on all our projects.

More than Painting: A clean surface ensures a premium finish; we also offer water blasting and minor wall repair services that let us smoothly coat the walls and roofs for a high-quality finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time required for interior house painting depends on the area of your house. For instance, for a 2000 square foot house in North Shore, two-to-three professional paint coats might take up at least one and a half to two days. The time mentioned includes prepping the surface, tapping the edges, and covering the floors. Contact a painting company and ask them during the free consultation about the time required to paint the interiors.

The technical side of things like prepping the surface, tapping the edges, and other stuff would be taken care of by your painting team. But, before that, you need to clear out the room including the stuff on the wall so that your painting team can cover it smoothly.

If it rains, the exterior paint of your house gets spoiled which is obvious. But, your interior paint might also get damaged if there are any leaks in your house. Usually, the rain will wash off the wet paint and paint won’t be absorbed into the wet surface. The only thing you can do about this is to check the forecast before painting.

House repainting is a good option as it can bring back a fresh and new look to your home. The time needed for repairing the exterior parts of the house depends on the quality of the paint and the craftsmanship. So, invest in top-quality paint and a skilled and experienced painter so that it can last long. Usually, you need to repaint your house after seven to ten years. And it depends on various factors- If it’s a wood surface, you need to paint it after five to seven years, and aluminum siding needs a fresh coat of paint every four to five years.

Two coats are usually enough for an exterior house provided a well-prepped and primed surface. Look for a painting company that does a professional job of preparing the surface so that it doesn't take more coats. If you are painting a darker color over a lighter one, then two coats would suffice but if it’s another way around, you may probably need three or more coats.

It is recommended to wash your walls with mild detergent and water before you paint. Even though modern paints can gel with any surface, they will gel better on a clean and smooth wall. Clean the baseboards, vacuum the entire wall, and rinse it thoroughly.

Exterior house painting in NZ would cost around $40 to $50 per square meter. But it can vary on the location, condition of the exterior, and accessibility. Usually, it involves the setup, wall preparation, painting, clean-up, and final inspection.

Painting a 12x12 room costs somewhere between $1500 to $1800 and can go beyond. This usually includes the paint and labor costs. If you want a fancy finish, it can go beyond $3000 but it depends on wall height, ceiling, and floor type.

To find the best color combination, know what is your favorite color and then do online research for different patterns around it. Look for various color samples and combinations so that you get an idea of what you want. Different colors reflect different moods of the house, so you decide how the vibe of your house has to be.

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