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4 Top Essentials Your Painting Quote Must Include

It is no secret that painting can work wonders for your home! Not only does it help improve the overall appearance of your home, but it can also enhance the resale value of your property. 

However, if painting is simple, you need clarification!

You’ll need the correct type of estimate or quote before you carry out your painting task. Avoiding such crucial aspects may land you in deep trouble or drain your hard-earned money in legal intricacies. 

Remember that painting quotes include details like the name of the painting company, the number of professionals, tentative completion date, cost estimate, and more. If you don’t know what details to include, listed below are the top essentials your quote for house painting in Auckland should consist of. 

Your Home Measurements

Don’t forget to include the measurements of your home in the quote. Because many painters usually charge per sq. metre, you should ensure proper measures are included in your estimate to avoid further problems during the painting process. When you have the appropriate measurements of your home mentioned in the quote, you can find any issues that might trouble you. Also, the interior and exterior wall sizes should be listed in the section.

Cost of Materials 

Always try to include the cost of materials in the quote to ensure everything is clear. You know painters will use more than just a bucket of paint—some commonly used materials like paint brushes, plastic sheets, threads, and tubes. When you know how many items to be used in the process, you can easily find out when you’re being overcharged. Also, you should include the cost of labour in the estimate and the cost of materials.

Consider the Payment Needs

Though it depends on person to person, you should include the payment requirements in the painting quote. There is no arguing that money-related things are sensitive and can land you in trouble if not managed properly. Some painters like to get half of the payment in advance, while others want to get the total amount after completing the painting work. Include in your estimate how much you’ll pay them and the mode of payment you’ll use, like cheque, cash, online payment, and more. 

Ask for the Final Touch (If Necessary)

Though professionals are bound to work flawlessly, they may leave something behind. If any spot is accidentally missed, they should cover it afterwards. Ensure you include it in your quote, as some painters might argue. They should perform a final walkthrough of the whole house to ensure everything is covered. When you include it in your quote, they can never say “No” to you and will finish the task until you get the desired results.



Whether you want to attract a potential client to sell your home or make it beautiful, considering a quote is incredibly important! Don’t forget to include these elements in your estimate to ensure your project’s smooth and hassle-free completion.

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