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How To Choose The Right Colour For Interior Painting?

Thinking of getting a paint job for your interiors? The most important thing you must start with is choosing the right colour. And, when it comes to picking the colour, there’s no such thing as right. Simply go for whatever you like. 

Moving forth, there are various themes you can go for. It could be minimalistic, modern or contemporary, whatever you like. However, make sure you go for one single theme to maintain consistency. 

So, if you’re considering a new updo, here’s how you choose the right paint for your interiors. 

Find An Inspiration

As stated above, you should choose a painting that resonates with your style. And, if you’re confused among the multiple choices you have, just browse through magazines or the internet. You can search keywords like “modern wall paint ideas” to explore your options and choose what you like. 

You can also go to sites like Pinterest or Instagram to look for some inspiration. And, if that’s not enough, talk to your painting contractors like Painters Pukekohe and ask them for their portfolios. They might have some noteworthy ideas you could go for. 

Use Colour Theory For The Right Scheme

You don’t want your walls to be painted with just one single colour. Although bright, white walls are pretty in these days, if you want something diverse, keep in mind the colour theory. You can find colour theory tools on the internet to look for inspiration. Moreover, you don’t need to follow the theory exactly. Just figure out which colours go with each other and choose similar shades to ensure that everything is in sync. 

Go Creative With Neutrality

We get it; having neutral shades in your home makes your spaces look relaxed and soothing. But we never said you couldn’t play with neutral shades. Ask your interior painting Auckland professionals how you can make the neutral colours stand out. 

You can ask them for a stripped wall filled with different neutral shades to make the look calm yet awe-inspiring. In fact, you can go for an overall neutral shade on all walls and paint your ceiling with a pastel shade if you want to go bold and play with colours. 

Get Inspired By An Artwork

If you’re tired of browsing through the internet for some note-worthy shades, visit an art gallery to look for inspiration. This will help you create something new that includes a little bit of your personality. In fact, you can choose the same artwork and go for different shades within the art to create an enticing scheme. 

And, if you want to go over the top, purchase that artwork and hang them right beside your resonating walls. 

Summing Up

Honestly, when it comes to choosing the colour for your walls, the only limitation is your imagination. You can look for the inspiration almost everywhere, be it the net, outdoors, magazines or art pieces. Just make sure you try the samples on your wall before committing to any shade and choose the right undertones as well. 

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