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How To Get Your Home Ready For A Painting Job?

Ready to get your interiors revamped? Trust us, a small paint job from professional painters can go a long way. It can brighten up your walls and add glamour to your spaces, especially if you’re going for something modern and minimalistic. 

But, the hard part comes before getting your house painted. You have to make everything ready, cover up your expensive furniture and designer couches and book your deal with the best house painting Auckland professionals. 

While some painting firms might get the preparations done on their own, in most cases, you would have to get it done yourself. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home before a paint job. 

Take Out Your Wall Hangings

From clocks to your nostalgic photo frames, you got to secure everything. It’s pretty obvious that taking out all hangings while getting the walls painted can be a bit stressful for both- the painter and you. Therefore, it’s best to get them out of the way before the painting team arrives and keep them in a safe place. 

Secure All Ornaments

Your decorative bits like tower clocks might come in the way of painting. And while you can secure them with the protective sheets, there still might be chances of them getting damaged or destroyed. Instead, remove them and secure all ornaments, including your showpieces, in a different room to make sure there are no damages. 

Prepare Your Walls

After blocking your dates for a paint job with professional painters like Painters Papakura, it is wise to ask them if they need you to get certain wall preparations done. In this case, you might be required to clean and dry the walls properly before the team arrives. Moreover, if the wooden side of your walls has moulds or termites, you must get rid of them before getting your walls painted. 

Get Rid Of Obstructions

Before your walls get painted, you must also keep in mind the things that could cause obstructions and delay the process. It could be your furniture, pets or kids that might get in between and cause obstructions. While getting your walls painted, you can ask your friends or relatives to babysit your kid or pet so that the job can be done without any hassles. 

Remove All Curtains, Rugs and Carpets

You don’t want your expensive fur rugs or classic carpets to be destroyed by paint. Therefore, you must roll them up and keep them somewhere secured to ensure they are safe and do not cause any obstruction. Coming to curtains, remove them from the rods and secure them somewhere safe, preferably with your wall hangings and rugs. 

Summing Up

In addition to cleaning your room and vacating your area, you must clean the walls as well and ensure that they are no wall hangings or decorative ornaments that could cause an obstruction. Another thing- while removing all hangings, curtains and rugs, make sure you keep them in the same place so that they can be accessed easily after the job.  

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