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With time, downpours, trash sunlight or even lack of roof maintenance in Auckland can negatively affect the shade of your rooftop. Furthermore, harm from storms or birds may leave marks and cause your rooftop paint to look lopsided. If your roof also matches this description, then it is probably time for some roof restoration in Auckland with some painting, and that’s where AKL Painting Specialists step in. We take pride in being the first choice of every customer looking for roof painting in Auckland and roof repairs in South Auckland. Tin, iron roofs, concrete tile roofs or corrugated metal, whatever may be the material of your roof, our team promises to provide you with tailored roof painting in Auckland at affordable prices. If you want an estimate on how much does it cost to paint a roof, connect with our Auckland roof painters today!

Trusted Roof Painting Services in Auckland

If you have recently completed Auckland roof maintenance or Auckland roof repairs or are looking for roof restoration options, then roof painting in Auckland is the ideal choice for roof restoration. Installing new shingles or flashings during roof maintenance and roof repairs in Auckland interferes with the roof’s aesthetics. Roof painting hides the spots or marks and adds durability to the roof. We have professional roof painters in North Shore Auckland, roof painters in East Auckland, roof painters in West Auckland who perform top-notch paint jobs. Be it a flat commercial roof or a tiled sloped roof, our roof painters offer professional services that make it shine. We use dedicated roof paints for all our roof painting in West Auckland to sustain the scorching heat and prevent water leaks and broken tiles. The high-tech tools give us the advantage to complete the concrete tile roof repairs in Auckland and painting efficiently while ensuring safety. We are roof painting specialists you can rely on, and a painted roof has more benefits than you give it credit for! So contact our roof painting Auckland specialist today for an estimate on the cost to paint roof.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Roof Painting Needs

At AKL Painting Specialists, we promise the highest quality of work with guaranteed craft and attractive prices. We use the most appropriate techniques for each project, even a tired metal tile roof and deliver roof tile repairs in Auckland and tile roof painting that lasts for decades. Our staff is highly skilled in roof painting in South Auckland and qualified to paint all rooftops irrespective of their building material. All our products are completely safe and environmentally friendly, making us a perfect choice for every household with kids and pets. Moreover, our roof painters in Auckland perfectly clean the place after the paint job using quality solutions that give you a fresh, hygienic and revamped space. So, you don’t need to worry about cleaning afterwards. At AKL Painting Specialists, we have your satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Thus, we design a bespoke solution for every roofing project without hidden costs and you can always contact our Auckland roof painting specialists for details on roof painting in Auckland cost.

How much does it cost to paint a roof in NZ ?

The cost to paint a roof in NZ is approx around $3000 to $6000. But it can vary on the quality of the paint and the number of hours your labor needs to work. Usually, the roof painters charge around $40 to $50 per hour. For instance, if the painting job lasts for two days, then the tile roof painting cost you somewhere between $600 to $1200. However, if you are still unsure on how much to paint a roof NZ and want an accurate roof painting cost, take professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Structural integrity and maintenance of the roof play a key role in adding value to your house. Painting the house comes under the maintenance part of things, so it can add some value to your home. Roof painting helps to waterproof your roof which can make it less prone to weather damage. A freshly painted coat can improve the value because the new buyer knows that he/she wouldn’t need to paint it again in the next few years. So, roof painting in Auckland can add value to your home.

For a typical 1500 to 2000 square foot home, it would take around two days for painting the entire roof. This will include preparation work, cleaning, re-pointing, re-bedding the ridge capping, and 2 coats of the roof membrane. The time varies on factors like the size of your home and the type of paint you use.

Metal roofs, wooden roofs, concrete roofs, and tile roofs are some of the most common types of roofs and all of these can be painted. On tile roofs, moss and lichen should be killed and removed before the painting. Sometimes, this moss and lichen can cause too much trouble but it’s possible to paint roof tiles. Look for quality workmanship and they can get the job done for you. Look for companies that offer free roof inspection so that you can determine the level of moss and lichen on your roof.

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